Monday, June 16, 2008

Greensbridge to Outerspace

I really can't stomach most mixtapes. Too unfocused, the music suffers, shouting, incomplete songs. But there are a few exceptions. One being DJ Swindle's Almatic (Al Green vs. Nas). Second being the locksmith Outskirts Outkast remixes. Go to town.

Outkast - Outskirts (DJ Jamad & Locksmith Remixes)

Amen.Hootie Hoo


This Saul Williams -List Of Demands- track I heard in a Nike ad. Love it. Love it.

Discover Saul Williams!

Love the beat and the splatter-brain manifesto. Here is the TV spot and the video and everything else you demand.


List of Demands-Saul Williams


Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Couple of Cunnin' Fellas.

A couple old tracks for sure, but the KNO (of cunnin'linguists fame) mixtape of Jay-Z's The Black Album was largely passed over. Mostly due to the DangerMouse Jay-Z/Beatles concept mash-up of the same album. But here are 2 of the tracks. Actually the whole thing is worth tracking down....

99 Problems-Jay-Z(KNO vs. HOV remix)

Discover Kno!

Dirt Off Your Shoulder-Jay-Z (KNO vs. HOV remix)

Discover Kno!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I wanna take you out..

This is a little late but I am playing catch up to post my semi-recent favs. This band is from N.Z and they were recently signed to the DFA label. This song is very is the video.

The End of the World-Shocking Pinks

Here also is the Cutout remix from their Emily EP.

Cutout(Expanding Headband Remix)-Shocking Pinks


Friday, June 13, 2008

Heavy Hitters

Here are four songs that just haunt me everytime I hear them. The videos are not mine but I feel they all do some justice to the trax.

Raising the Titanic-Aphex Twin


The Birth and the Death of the Day-Explosions in the Sky



Kid Chocolate

Came across this gem after hearing it a few years ago on the Saturday Night Fish Fry comp from a London label.
After a decent streak as a boxer named Kid Chocolate, Lee Dorsey recorded some pretty underrated funk bombs. This one gets me every time...

Dance Lessons

I can't get enough of this Twelves remix of Black Kids hit.

Go ahead...listen to it just once. I dare you...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Then They Kissed Us

Saw the Crystals and they were fantastic.

Here is The Crystals put to good use as well as another take on their classic.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Audacity of Smoke

Obama for President.

White Powder

I found a couple of dope mixes bringing new life to some older songs. From Hood Internet I have posted "The Clipse VS The Avalanches"
Download-When the last time I left you.

Plus a track from the new Battles album mixed with some old High and Mighty.

Download-B-Boy Battles

Lykke Li

I was fiending over two of this Swedish singer's songs about 2 months ago (a Little Bit, Dance Dance Dance) and I just came across this little remix EP that is great.

Track listing is as follows....

1. I'm Good, I'm Ghost (vs Holy Ghost)
2. Zdarlight Department (vs Digitalism)
3. Dance, Dance, Dance In My Face (vs The Field)
4. Belonging It Up (vs Hercules & Love Affair)
5. Beauty Flies (vs Gui Boratto)
6. Melodies, Desires & Charlotte (vs Booka Shade)


Monday, June 2, 2008

Ratatat VS DFA

Here is Happy House by DFA's Juan MacLean. Love it..Kinda of a throwback. Very funky.


Also Ratatat is dropping LP3 as well as LP4 this summer. Here is one of the leaked tracks...


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hot Chip Remix

This floating remix of Asa Breed's Don and Sherri has been around for 6 months, and still gets daily spins. Enjoy..


Well, I am going to start things off as soon as I can. Will try my best to post new tunes as often as I can. As well as links to fresh clothes, art and any other shit that falls in my path.
Look around and enjoy...