Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

2009!! Year of the cow, so milk it for all it's worth. Party time...

No Shoes No Pants No Problem

Nike is making original sneakers for cities all over the world. These "dunks" are the Fukuoka version. Nike however not seeing the irony in making shoes for a festival where nothing is worn from the waist down. Just do it!

Do these shoes make my ass look fat??

Peur du Noir

This looks awesome!!

Wall Flower

In light of the recent fighting in Gaza I posted the paintings of Banksy who did these beautiful works on the apartheid wall in Israel.


A classier Monopoly.

Shout out to Marvin Gardens.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Classic Sadness

After the sugar high of Giftmas, the comedown hits hard. Time for some wallowing. A few drinks deep into this awesome album reveals not a single weak cut.

Here is the high note "For Your Precious Love".

Here is the album.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

How can something so wrong be so right?

My life flashed before my ears. All of a sudden, my world was filled with the importance of cereal, action figures, juice, and candy. This was youth. These were the songs that were branded into my psyche. For better or for worse.

I could go on....but I will just drop this gem on my way out.



Just ask Elvis or Tupac ,(I think they both are alive and living in Queens), how they feel about their posthumous catalog and I am sure they are none the very pleased. But I am pretty sure Jim Henson would approve of this very very funny clip, (for a new Muppets Movie, I believe) that has surfaced on the interwebs.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Une Annee sans Lumiere.

Here are a couple of nice Arcade Fire videos.

The first one is a fan-made video using Leone's classic.

Great synergy. This song is also used in a trailer for the "Benjamin Button" film.

The second one was filmed in an elevator in Paris before a street side show.
Love the magazines.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Hi, thank you for bearing with us during our absence. Some frustrating struggles but we seem to be in the clear. You might find some of the older posts have been deleted, that was part of the moving forward process. Hope you will just enjoy the new stuff we have on the way. Gonna keep the thematic posts to a minimum, and just post great tracks. We have four here for you now. Three smooth grooves and a tasty chunk of melancholy bedroom pop.

Golden Cage- The Whitest Boy Alive

Golden Cage - The Whitest Boy Alive
Robotic minimal funk. Best 8 note solo ever.

Just ain't gonna work out-Mayer Hawthorne and the County

Just Aint Gonna Work Out - Mayer Hawthorne and The County
2008?? 1968?? I can't tell the difference. Get your swagger on.

Things Are Gonna Get Easier- Low Motion Disco

Things Are Gonna Get Easier - Low Motion Disco
A absolute soul GEM filtered through sunshine and the best dream you ever had.

Hell Hole Rat Race-Girls

Hellhole Ratrace - Girls
A sad song that strangely becomes uplifting. The mantra of hope and hopelessness takes off on nimble notes. On repeat.

Hope you like em'..
Check back soon, there will be regular tunage again.