Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Hot Summary

Here is my new mix, a day late and a dollar short. Buy hey, with this tracklisting...all is forgiven. Enjoy..

1) April March Caribou

This french singer's range of styles is a bit too vast, but there are a few gems to be found. One of them "Chick Habit" was on Tarantino's DeathProof soundtrack. This one is equally as good. C'est a vous, pour le danse.

2) The Detroit Cobras I'll Keep Holding On

These Rock city rockers are kind of a one trick pony,(covering motown hits as garage punk), but they stick to that because it works. This is a cover of The Marvelettes hit from the 60's.

3) The Kings of Leon Taper Jean Girl

Ok, I know I missed the bus with these guys, arriving at the party at the end, but this tune was on the Disturbia soundtrack and it stuck out. Catchy, catchy.

4) Howlin' Wolf Back Door Man

This blues legend let's us know he is out on the prowl. The men they don't know but the ladies they understand. Greatness!

5) Crystal Antlers A Thousand Eyes

This band has yet to release a full length, but their EP is the shit.

6) Dubxanne Message in a Bottle

I shouldn't like this tune. From the cheesy gimmick to the bad rehash of the vocals, but this dubby remix of The Police gets me. Whatever, it's summer.

7) Otis Redding Open the Door

What a good tune. Otis pleading to his woman to open the door...or he will break it down. The mixed of sadness and urgency in his voice and the tenderness and threats of violence make this a standout. My second fav of the week.

8) Grizzly Bear Two Weeks

The track of the week. This was performed on Letterman. This Brookly band hadnt gotten me till this. That piano!! Can't wait for a studio version. Listen to this song please...

9) Dinah Washington What a Difference a Day Makes

This is on here because my tape is 2 days late. It's good for a listen every....day or so.

Just copy and paste this link-

Come back real soon now!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wack to the Future

Here is a mixtape that goes along with the new 90's NYC flick The Wackness. D-Nice mixes up the nostalgia (Biggie, Craig Mack, Biz Markie) with some breaks/samples mixed in.
Let's take it back to 79'!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The latest in a series of mix-ups.

Here is the second round of tunes I came across or have been giving extra love this week. Here is the track list along with the download link.

Bo Diddley-The Gunslinger
In honor of his recent passing. Bo don't know Diddley..

Dennis Wilson-The River Song & Ocean Pacific Blues
This often overlooked album from overlooked Beach Boy has just been re-issued.

Koushik-The Sun
This summer jam from the StonesThrow label feels like inner-city Phil Spector.

The Virgins-Rich Girls
The tightest pants outta the NYC with this bouncy throwback gem. (#1 this week)

Smith-I just wanna make love to you
A trashy classic meant to be played at full crank.

Britt Daniels-Bring it on
The lead singer of Spoon brings something fresh to the Sam Cooke classic.

Jens Lenkman-You can call me Al
This weird cover of Paul Simon is from a radio show in Sweden and is a staple at his shows.

Get Well Soon-Born Slippy
A cover of Scotland's Underworld club classic of Trainspotting fame. Not just a great cover but we finally get to hear what the hell he is singing. (Next up Louis Louis)

Fela Kuti-Mr.Grammaticalogylisationalism
The king of Nigeria gets his funk on in the name of English grammar.

Download link- http://www.sendspace.com/file/3mhn3t


Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Mix-Up Part 1

Ok. Here is the first mix of what I hope will be a weekly thing. No theme per say just stuff that I have been playing a lot as of late.

Some Meters and a couple old soul jams with some Brazil summer tunes (off of Mada Bala soundtrack!!). Also got a track from a brother duo out of Scotland and some Radio Dept and Lykke Li out of Sweden...as well as a Brit crooner, a So-Cal punk band and a Love is All cover of Dire Straits.

I love every song here so I am sure you will find something that grabs you. Tell everyone you know and check back next Sunday.
You may need the win-rar program (which can be found here www.win-rar.com/download ) in order to extract the files.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mail on Sunday

Starting this week I will post a new mixtape every Sunday. With new music, old classics and cool shit I come across. So come check it out on Sunday...
In the meantime here is the new Saul Williams cover of U2.
Take em' to church.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

High Toons

Been listening to a lot of spaced out tracks and I got inspired to make my own drug-user movie soundtrack. The songs are a bit all over the place but they all fit the mood/theme and they are all stand out tracks on their own......

Junk Yard Soundtrack
monkey 23-the kills
i feel like dying-lil wayne
waiting for the man-velvet underground
king heroin-james brown
stone junkie-curtis mayfield

Gaye Under the Covers

I have been listening to some Mashed Ups as of late and the recent cover of Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing by Hot Chip lead me to another version entitled "Oasis are Gaye" done over the chords of Wonderwall. They are both worth ahem* pumping through your speakers.

Sexual Healing-Hot Chip
Oasis are Gaye-Go Home Productions

Let's get it on...