Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Hot Summary

Here is my new mix, a day late and a dollar short. Buy hey, with this tracklisting...all is forgiven. Enjoy..

1) April March Caribou

This french singer's range of styles is a bit too vast, but there are a few gems to be found. One of them "Chick Habit" was on Tarantino's DeathProof soundtrack. This one is equally as good. C'est a vous, pour le danse.

2) The Detroit Cobras I'll Keep Holding On

These Rock city rockers are kind of a one trick pony,(covering motown hits as garage punk), but they stick to that because it works. This is a cover of The Marvelettes hit from the 60's.

3) The Kings of Leon Taper Jean Girl

Ok, I know I missed the bus with these guys, arriving at the party at the end, but this tune was on the Disturbia soundtrack and it stuck out. Catchy, catchy.

4) Howlin' Wolf Back Door Man

This blues legend let's us know he is out on the prowl. The men they don't know but the ladies they understand. Greatness!

5) Crystal Antlers A Thousand Eyes

This band has yet to release a full length, but their EP is the shit.

6) Dubxanne Message in a Bottle

I shouldn't like this tune. From the cheesy gimmick to the bad rehash of the vocals, but this dubby remix of The Police gets me. Whatever, it's summer.

7) Otis Redding Open the Door

What a good tune. Otis pleading to his woman to open the door...or he will break it down. The mixed of sadness and urgency in his voice and the tenderness and threats of violence make this a standout. My second fav of the week.

8) Grizzly Bear Two Weeks

The track of the week. This was performed on Letterman. This Brookly band hadnt gotten me till this. That piano!! Can't wait for a studio version. Listen to this song please...

9) Dinah Washington What a Difference a Day Makes

This is on here because my tape is 2 days late. It's good for a listen every....day or so.

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