Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Standing in the shadow of giants. Pt 2

Here is part two of my overlooked artist comp.

First up this group, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich had some minor success in the early sixties in England and it is said that Pete Townsend of The Who almost quit to join this band. Also vocalist Dee was apparently an ex-cop who was at the scene of the accident that took 50's rocker Eddie Cochran's life.

Hold Tight

Always popular but never enough to satisfy either die-hard fans or the man himself. Bo Diddley was a true innovator. Often mentioned as an innovator but lack of an across the board hit leaves his name out of the list of masters, where it probably deserves to be.

*Pardon the cheesy video. It is the only one I could get my ears on.

Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry
needs more. He need more recognition. He needs band mate Brian Eno to stop producing insanely great albums and getting front page press for it. Ferry needs ...more than this.

More than this.

Used to perfection in the Karaoke scene in Lost in Translation.

And at last a little Canadiana.

Back in the day thee was a battle. The divided front. The Brian Adams camp vs. the Corey Hart camp. Hart's bad boy vs local boy done good Adam's. Although still known for his nocturnal eyewear there were other great songs. Hart is now the main song writer for synthetic robot megastar Celine Dion.

Never Surrender


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Standing in the shadow of GIANTS

Ahh, the oft-forgotten. The overlooked. The crack thru fallen.
Here are some great tunes by people who were great, but overshadowed by their counterparts. Kind of like this blog really.

Peter Tosh.
Although reggae fans worship him, his exposure is very limited to most outside the serious JerkChickenites. At least compared to Bob Marley.
Stepping Razor

Peter Tosh was shot twice in the head in a robbery in 1987. September 11th no less.

Dwight Twilley
Quite unknown, other than being that guy from Tom Petty's band, Dwight Twilley has some really great tunes. This vibrato version from AMerican Bandstand is one of them.
Looking for the Magic

Dennis Wilson
I previously posted this BeachBoy's 20 year delayed classic album. Mr Wilson was a troubled womanizer who was overlooked due to brother Brian's centerstaged antics. Wilson didn't live to see his gorgeous album released. He drowned in 1980.
River song

Wendy Renee
Not overshadowed by anyone in her own group, but more overshadowed by the once in a gazillion years STAX line-up. This song is experiencing a bit of a resurgance as of late, but is never mentioned as the gem that it truly is. Sampled by Wu-Tangs RZA for the hip-hop banger TEARZ.
After Laughter (Comes tears)

Pee Wee Ellis
Although James Brown's JB's were heard all over the track, the songs themsleves were stamped with Brown's shrieks grunts and more importantly showmanship. Pee Wee Ellis stunning , tight and genius horn riffs never get the shine they deserve. Has gone on to work with everyone from Parliment to Van Morrison. Just listen to this riff, maybe the best recording of live music ever. The song even ends with a punchline.
There was a time.

Wow. No words can do this justice. Well maybe one. Unnnggh!!

Part II coming later in the week.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crystal Visions

Swallow these songs and they will take u down the rabbit hole....

Waking Dreamz Mix - http://www.sendspace.com/file/uit7lt

These songs will not be in the player unless the demand is there.

Off with your headz!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just one of those fly days...

Here is a classic and an overlooked hilarious classic. I can relate to both.

Ice Cube - A Good Day

Bizarre- A Bad Day

I had the brew, she had the chronic, the Lakers beat the Supersonics...