Saturday, August 30, 2008

5 songs you haven't heard in ten years.

Here are 5 songs you probably haven't heard in ten years. Enjoy them once, then never again.

1.The Escape Club

2.The Parachute Club

3.Terrence Trent D'arby

4.Tripping Daisy

5.Black Box

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Here, in honor of the torrential downpour that has ruined my week along with my shoes, is an 80's song that I haven't heard since it was last played on my family's ghetto-blaster.

The Adventures-Feel the Raindrops

Cloudy atmospherics with an 80% chance of rockin' out!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Ear of the Beholder.

This week I have made perhaps my favorite Playlist yet. Eleven achingly perfect tracks. From the dense sadness of The Unifics and Etta James to the warm rush of Fennesz fractured wall of reverb love, these songs are all beautiful. The only track that might not fit is the GZA track, but that string sample is just straight fire. My personal favorite is the MFA Superpitcher track. (I actually met Superpitcher here in Japan on the Kompakt tour.) But the rushing waves of that track are classic and gorgeous. Beauty.

Here is the tracklist

1- The Unifics - Beginning of My End
2- Kev Brown - Batida
3- Aphex Twin - Raising the Titanic
4- Edith Piaf - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
5- GZA - Breaker Breaker
6- My Bloody Valentine - I Only Said
7- Moby - Go
8- Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind
9- Fennesz - A Year in a Minute
10 Explosions in the sky - You Hand in Mine
11 MFA(Superpitcher mix) - The Difference it Makes

download here -

As usual all these tracks are posted in the player to the right of the page. Enjoy!

Here is London's great Banksy creating some of his own classic art.

Monday, August 18, 2008

An Unborn Child

Here is a previously unreleased Lupe Fiasco track, containing an apparently unclearable Beatles sample. The beat comes from fellow Chicago native K.West.

The Birds and the Bees
birds and the bees - lupe fiasco

Download here-

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Love You Madly

SWM seeks SF for jealous, controlling, obsessive relationship, would possibly consider violent end with the right candidate. Serious headcases only.
1-Mad Man Blues -John Lee Hooker
2-99 To Life -Social Distortion
3-Who is he -Bill Withers
4-Crazy -Patsy Cline
5-Get Out My Life -Lee Dorsey
6-32-20 Blues -Robert Johnson
7-Can't Stand -The Police
8-Nowhere To Run -Martha & The Vandellas
9-Frontier Psychiatry -The Avalanches
10-Hey Joe -The London Symphony
Note *I am pretty certain there is a Wayne and Shuster sample in track 9. Also I know Every Breath was the more obvious Police choice, but I think we have all had our fill of that song.
The IMEEM player to the right has all the tracks from this mix.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Floating - Prins Thomas Remix

Jape outta Dublin plays lo-fi folk from what I gather. Well. that couldn't be further from this floaty house track that starts light and floats straaaight up until your vertigo kicks in. I listened to it for an hour straight. Well that's not much as it clocks in at 11 minutes. But a great summer tune...

download here.-

now go float away....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Decline of the American Empire

It's all right there. Just know it and you can have it. Find it and you can take it. Regardless of the laws and the MPAA attempted crackdowns and preventative measures, it is all just sitting right there. What is the crime? The taking of music for free. Is it a crime to point out where someone can take something from? Well, lock up over half of the people online then. Who does downloading affect? The record industry for one, with dwindling sales across the board. Artists struggle to get a major label deal. Manufacturers losing ground as MP3's become the clear medium of choice. Can an artist still go platinum in a week? Yes, but the golden age (at 25$ a cd no less!!) is clearly gone. But that is just the business side of things as the industry is painfully slow to react to a movement that has already shown how things must change. In actuality, music and it's followers are at their zenith because all this bureaucracy bleeding in from what was once behind the scenes does not change the most important thing. The quality and quantity of the music.

From bloggers posting everything from artifact funk records to underground art rap to un-released CD's and live performances, there is more music available now then at any other time in history. And anybody with a computer and a song can make a track, post it and expose it to the masses. The masses are now the media. Truly anybody with the inclination to say something, now has a free soap box to preach from. Does this increase the amount of expendable music that we come across? Yes, but half the appeal to being an audiophile is the act of searching, sifting through the endless sleeves and re-releases, remixes and singles, just waiting for the song that blows you away until you find another hours later that tops it. The downloading and file sharing not only acts as screener, allowing the customer to listen to an entire cd before deciding whether it is worth their hard earned dollars or not, it more importantly acts as a guide. Leading us from songs and artists to entire genres we would never have come across if this advancement had never come to be. Often, due to the music industries hesitancy to embrace net music, file sharing does not get it's deserved recognition as the progress that it truly is.
If the music industry is in decline, then it is due to the fact they are holding on too firmly, too stubbornly, to methods that haven't just already walked out of the room. They've leapt out the window.


7-11 / Dance The Slurp - Various Artists

R.I.P Isaac Hayes

Walk on By - Issac Hayes

Bye Bye Black Moses.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Man, this soundtrack to the hyped documentary "Manda Bala" is so great. Two dozen Brazillian cuts from the 60's and 70's. Some serious gems...

Nobody Can Live for Ever - Tim Maia

Nago - Trio Mocoto

Download the soundtrack here -

Here is the movie trailer -

The Playlist

On the right of the page is the embedded Imeem player. Any song that I post will be available for your listening pleasure right here on the site for those who can't download the tunes right to their computers. This week is just some random tracks (that totally rock) and starting next week the playlist will serve as an alternative to the tracks posted for download. Please take a listen, and be patient as it takes a few seconds for the blog to automatically load the player..


My infatuation continues...

Here is the Loving Hand (aka half of DFA) remix of Lykke Li's amazing song "A Little Bit".
I still like the original better, but any song even containing a single note from the original would be worth our attention.

download here-

Here is the original..

My Brother's Keeper

Here is the link to the Palm's Out blog that posted a remix cd that included the T.R.O.Y remix by my brother DJ Dusty.

Be sure to check out his website as he is always posting hot tracks.

nun a nun a nun a nun nun nun nun nun...

The music makes the man.

So I started to gather the stuff that I had come across this week, and I decided to get creative, literally. This weeks tunes have a theme. Creationism.

I thought I would get try to make a person musically, from the ground up.
Here is the autopsy report.

1-Club Foot - Kasbian
2-Phantom Limb - The Shins
3-Pink Moon *ahem - Nick Drake
4-Belly Button Window - Jimi Hendrix
5-Grandma's Hands - Bill Withers
6-Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones
7-These Arms of Mine - Otis Redding
8-My Iron Lung - Radiohead
9-Heart of Stone - The Rolling Stones
10-God Put a Smile on Your Face - Coldplay
11-Halloween Head - Ryan Adams
12-The First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

Download here -

Thanks to all those who sent me links and have voiced support.

It looks as if I will be starting another blog for Electronic music and Hip Hop. Keep your ears open for that.

Be men, or be more than men. -Dr. Frankenstein