Saturday, August 9, 2008

The music makes the man.

So I started to gather the stuff that I had come across this week, and I decided to get creative, literally. This weeks tunes have a theme. Creationism.

I thought I would get try to make a person musically, from the ground up.
Here is the autopsy report.

1-Club Foot - Kasbian
2-Phantom Limb - The Shins
3-Pink Moon *ahem - Nick Drake
4-Belly Button Window - Jimi Hendrix
5-Grandma's Hands - Bill Withers
6-Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones
7-These Arms of Mine - Otis Redding
8-My Iron Lung - Radiohead
9-Heart of Stone - The Rolling Stones
10-God Put a Smile on Your Face - Coldplay
11-Halloween Head - Ryan Adams
12-The First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

Download here -

Thanks to all those who sent me links and have voiced support.

It looks as if I will be starting another blog for Electronic music and Hip Hop. Keep your ears open for that.

Be men, or be more than men. -Dr. Frankenstein

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ClaySpacer said...

There was a problem with the link bt it should be up and working now.