Sunday, August 9, 2009

Warm Heart Of Africa - The Very Best (remixes)

I really liked the original track from The Very Best, with VeeDub's lead singer fulfilling the Graceland prophecy hinted at in his own band's Afropopin' full length.
Here Architecture In Helsinki rework this as a clarinet-swing-synth jaunt. I don't know if it's cuz it's the last few weekends I can truly call summer, but this tune is full of joy. Positivity getting goofy, and it works.

MP3 Warm Heart Of Africa - Architecture In Helsinki Remix

The Metronomy remix is also good. With it's auto-tuned squawk, and cinematic bombast over Daft Punk house grooves and vocoder guitar. It spills out on to the dancefloor more than the other two tunes. Not much Warm Heart left in this one, but it's worth it's 3 minutes.

MP3 Warm Heart Of Africa - Metronomy Remix

And in case you live in a cave.. You can get the original here.

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