Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yes Ma'am - Visti & Meyland Trentemoller Remix

Danish wunderkind Trentemoller gets all lickety split with haunted bluesy sing-alongs. The sampled chants of some ol'time lady wanting her man to buy her shit, is in one way, very hip-hop or modern, but the ghostly recording puts it through the devil machine. The twisting of the bass, and what sounds like a broken accordion, is both funky and haunted. Moby tried this blues-sample and beats way back in the day, but this is something else, something wicked, this ways comes. Seriously hot. Don't sleep.
Yes Maam (All Nite Long) (Trentem by KL8TON

Visti & Meyland - Yes Ma'am (Left Click)

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